Whether you’re looking for Senior Portraits, an Engagement or Couples Session, or if you want to create fun memories with your family, I got you! Formal posed portraits or candid, casual images that capture your personality.


Contact Me.

I can’t wait to start talking details about your photo session with me! But, Friend, the ball is in your court…you gotta click below to connect!



I love getting to know my clients and THIS is when we get to talk about all the details of your session with me. Outfits, Locations and Times, OH MY!  haha, no but really, we will get down to the nitty gritty so I can capture your vision behind my lens. 



This is when we get to have FUN together. I’ll give you prompts so I can capture candid moments and I’ll guide you through poses for some of those more formal looks. And somehow, become the biggest dork, which I promise will put your nerves at bay or, will make you laugh authentically (or both, it’s actually both). 



One of my favorite things is the “big reveal.” ah, friend! We get to obsess over your images together. I usually schedule these 7-10 days after your photo session so I can handpick my favorites first (trust me, it is NOT an easy job) and I’ll do some initial post processing. After our reveal meeting (which can be done in person or virtually), I’ll put any requested final touches on your selected images. Then I’ll process any image orders (albums, prints, etc) that you might have. 


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