📣 Calling all Juniors

hi! So you’re gonna be a Senior? I have so much I want to talk about, but I know some of you just want to skip to the details. So here’s the condensed version of what I’m going to say:

◦I’m looking for a13 Ambassadors

◦You get discounts on your session & image products

◦Bonus: you get to work with me

Interested? CLICK HERE

For the rest of you, here’s the full version: At my very core and at the heart of a13 Creative, I am all about inspiring and empowering all people to “BE YOU.” Let’s be real, it’s easy to get caught up riding the “life escalator” and lose ourselves in the process (hi, been there, done that). So I have been on a mission to embrace my quirky, awkward, cheesy funness while capturing yours. With that, I strive to take photos that people respond with “omg, that is sooooo you!” And don’t worry Parents, I’ll get some traditional headshots too (but I’m gonna make it fun!)

So If you’re a soon-to-be Senior who is excited about what I said above, we should definitely connect (and hopefully work together). Better yet, it’s time to officially roll out my Class of 2024 Senior Ambassador Program.

I’m looking for a group of diverse young people to welcome onto the a13 Ambassador Team! Want to learn more? Follow this link!

Also, I’m not gonna lie, If you’re still reading, you just made my day. When we have your consultation, tell me the code phrase “Don’t feed the ibis” and I’ll not only tell you a funny story about when our family went to Australia, but I also have a little gift for you.



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