Northern Michigan Photographer

Northern Michigan Boutique Photographer: Portraits, Branding, Boudoir

Hello friends! 

Some exciting things have been happening over here and I am thrilled to finally share the big news. Over the last several months I have been re-envisioning my photography business into a boutique model. This allows me to continue providing an amazing experience that will result in authentic, beautiful images to display in your home. 

After 12 years, I have made the decision to change the name of A13 Studios to a13 Creative allowing for future expansion of services. At this time, I will continue to focus primarily on photography – Portraits, Branding and Boudoir. I have opened a studio downtown East Jordan in beautiful northern Michigan, with talented hair and makeup artist, Julie Schroeder of MI Day Beauty. The studio will offer an alternate location in case of inclement weather and for sessions like branding and boudoir. 

Inclusion and empowerment are two of my main values and as I began to re-envision my brand, I knew I wanted to continue to focus on those values while providing amazing experiences for my clients. My photo experiences will now include a pre-session consultation so I can learn about your vision and needs and provide an experience like no other. 

As a boutique, fine art photographer, I create beautiful images that are transformed into wall art and albums. Many of us have heard the anecdote about fine china: USE THE FINE CHINA. Don’t just let it sit on display, collecting dust. Instead, let’s use our fine china for all of the occasions, because every moment is fleeting and should feel special and full of joy. 

A dear friend of mine and I were talking about this as it relates to photography. How often do we have photos taken and they become forgotten in the cloud (that’s me)? Or we have professional photos taken and we don’t even know where to start with having wall art created (also me)? I know I’m not alone here, which is why I have decided to shift my model; to get the beautiful images that were so carefully curated, out of the digital world and into your hands (or onto your walls). In this hi-tech world, we need to be showcasing our loves in our homes more than ever. 

 ♥ So, allow me to take a moment to REintroduce myself…

Hi! I’m Anora, your experience director, art designer, memory curator, cheerleader, bestie, and photographer.



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